How to hang the led strings

There’s something unexplainable about the light strings they are so simple yet they add such glare and attractiveness to themselves. It is one of those things which are simple yet have the power to have a plain place look a lot better. Plus they are so bright that as soon, as you plug them in basically magic, happens. You can basically hang them anywhere outdoors on the patio, deck, garden or other places. If you’re concerned that you don’t have enough walls in the house to fit led outdoor string lights here’s an easy and affordable way to hang led strings in your outdoor or like literally any really where you would like a little extra light, balcony, patio, and deck, garden. This is an affordable and easy method to fix led strings in your outdoors.

How to fit up led outdoor string lights

First things first you need out and evaluate the structure of your house whether you have walls or railings to easily tie the strings or not. If not so then stick some poles into the grass nice and tight or cover them with rocks properly so that they don’t fall. You can also make concrete blocks for it. Go to a store and get two by two eight foot long poles from the hardware store they cost around US dollars a piece. Although the ten US dollar ones would’ve been far better in experience, the four us dollar ones have put up quite well with the harsh environment. If you have a wall of some type of support on one side for the string to be hanged with you just need one pole to run one line but if you want more lines or don’t have a support on the other side, you can add a pole on the other side as well.

Fitting in the poles

First up before adding led strings you need to fit in the poles to support the wires. You can either use the railing or tighten up the pole to the railing otherwise get a concrete block made for it so that it holds well in place or if you’re a person who is easy on your garden dig up a hole and fit it in. After fixing up the pole its time for the led strings for this you will need to screw the lights in make sure they are tight and steady and won’t fall. After that hammer some nails into the wooden pole so you can tie the strings to it although a better way to do it is using a hook. Next up, plug it into a power source make sure everything is right in place and nothing out of hand.


Led lights to add a real texture to your house in the outdoors, they make even a plain place instantly look a lot better if you’re looking to change the look of your house with an affordable amount of money led strings should be right on top.

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